We Will Fill Your Calendar with
Booked Insurance Appointments

We deliver high-quality insurance leads and book calls directly onto your calendar.
Stop pounding the phones and buying lousy internet leads. Get exclusive insurance leads and appointments so you can write more policies, faster.

The Secret Sauce

Meet Opichi ACTIVATE

The Done-For-You Insurance Appointment Booking System

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We shorten the distance between you and a sale

  • We contact inbound leads immediately so they don’t get cold
  • We book them on your calendar
  • Any leads that don’t book right away get nurtured through our proven system to bring them into the fold
  • We handle referral strategies to get even more business without you having to chase those down

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Do You Need

A better way to get interested insurance buyers on your calendar without pounding the phones or hiring and training a sales development rep?

We turn leads from 100+ sources into appointments on your calendar, so all you have to do is sell.

Who is this for?

  • If you are looking to grow your agency
  • If you already have a good book of business and know how to close
  • If you are looking for higher quality interactions than plain old internet leads
  • We handle referral strategies to get even more business without you having to chase those down

Why should you work with Opichi?

  • The Opichi ACTIVATE system is proven in multiple industries to shorten the distance between you and the sale.
  • We take the tedious follow-up off your plate so you can simply show up and sell insurance
  • We have generated leads and booked appointments in some of the most competitive markets imaginable.
  • Every lead and appointment is exclusive.

How appointments are collected & booked

  • Opichi ACTIVATE is connected to your inbound lead sources and prospect database
  • We generate interested buyers from those sources immediately to start filling your calendar
  • A customized advertising campaign specifically for your agency is built and launched
  • All inbound leads are immediately contacted, nurtured, and booked into your calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t just generate leads, we book appointments. And every lead and appointment we book is exclusive, so you’re not fighting 5 other agents for their attention.
Not a problem. We can get you business right from your existing customer and prospect database so you can get the revenue to grow into more marketing avenues.
If you want, yes. We provide exclusive leads in several insurance verticals: Life, Annuity, Home/Auto, and others.
Great! We will handle the booking of appointments for you for any inbound lead source you already have so your agents aren’t racing to contact a lead before it gets cold.
Yes! We got started by helping businesses build and grow their web presences to get more customers. We can build, manage, and organically rank your website so it becomes a 24/7 sales development rep for your agency. Just ask!

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